Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo fashion weekThe sixth Japanese Fashion week commenced from Monday in Tokyo. 45 labels including 10 newcomers  will show their 2008-’09 Autumn/Winter Collection in Tokyo this year. The Japanese fashion week began on Monday with Environmental issues as the theme. One of the top designers of Japan Hiromi Yoshida, one of the seven designers who got the opportunity to show their designs on the first day, presented her collection with forest as the theme.  Another new label “zechia,” by NAKA (Masahiro Nakagawa) and LICA presented ethnic designs inspired by 50’s and 60’s. Two other labels debuted on Monday in Tokyo Fashion week, first Self-styled “otaku” brand “motonari ono” by designer Motonari Ono and the second Hidenobu Yasui named after the designer himself. Where Motonari Ono’s designs were inspired by video games Hidenobu Yasui’s concentrated on long dresses in navy and off white shades. Famous Japanese label “mintdesigns,” by Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi also presented its designs on Monday.

Traditional Japanese outfit Kimono grabbed all the attention of the audiences on the second day of the Japanese Fashion Week. Jotaro Saito, a third generation Kimono Designer, presented Kimonos in prints and bright shades.  Japanese generally wear Kimonos on weddings and funerals these days, therefore the designer tried to seduced  Japanese youth to wear traditional Kimonos  in new style. However, the designer failed to make his models, who are used to sashaying on the ramp in trousers and skirts, feel comfortable in Kimonos. Anyways the designer’s effort was appreciated by the audiences.

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