Film Stars and cricketers to walk the ramp at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

film stars and cricketers to walk the ramp at wills lifestyle india fashion weekThe trend started few years back when designers started inviting stars from Indian film industry to walk the ramp for them in their creations. Now it has become a competition, every year some designers invite their friends from Bollywood to walk the ramp for them. This year the designer duo Gauri and Nainika Karan invited Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu to walk the ramp for them, on the first day of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.  The result, all the newspaper carried the pictures and articles of Bipasha in India Fashion Week, instead of talking about designs, designers and Fashion Week itself. Rumors are Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all set to walk the ramp for one designer as well.

But many designers feel that the cause of fashion week lags behind due to all these stars. Not only media fails to cover actual fashion because of these celebrities, but also the buyers do not get an opportunity of concentrating on the designs. In fact, some designers in the Indian fashion industry are strictly against this trend, they feel that designers who can not present good designs try to divert the attention of the audiences from actual designs to the celebrities. This small group of designer says they will never invite celebrities to walk on the ramp for them, as their designs are good enough. Indian models also do not like the appearance of the celebrities on the ramp; they think the stars steal all the attention.

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