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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeeK, New York, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeeK, New York, 2008Even as New Yorkers continue to feel the chill of winters, fashion designers are ready to show their spring 2008 collection in the city. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeeK, New York, 2008 will begin on February 02 with a menswear show by Nutica, followed by other menswear label like Perry Ellis and Duckie Brown. Designer Jason Wu, who has recently won Fashion Group International’s Rising Award in Women’s wear category, will also present his collection on Friday. The shows will be held under the tents in Bryant Park and other venues across the city. Some new designers have been included in the fashion week this year after a long gap, including Iódice, 3.1 Philip Lim and Rubin Singer.

On the second day of the fashion week, i.e. on February 03, the French label Herve Leger, which has been recently acquired by BCBG Max Azria, will present its collection. Azria has earlier said that he will keep the original Herve Leger style in mind while designing the clothes for the label.  Designer Tracy Reese is expected to present her voluminous pleated skirts, where as Carmen Marco Valvo will show belted, tailored dresses and muted overcoats.  James Coviello is expected to present his signature hat collection and Custo Barcelona will show kimono-inspired designs in bold hues. The Fashion Week will end with a grand finale by Marc Jacobs. The show will start at 7 p.m., so that if Marc gets late, even this time, people will not miss their dinners like last time. 

Marc Jacobs Promises to be at New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs Promises to be at New York Fashion WeekYes, now the organizers at the New York Fashion week can heave a sigh of relief as Marc Jacobs one of the top designers, or the only top designer of the event some will say, has agreed to show his collection in the event. Earlier there were chances of Marc moving to Paris Fashion Week from New York Fashion week. As we all remember last time during the show of his spring/summer 2008 collection Marc Jacobs made the crème de la crème of the fashion industry and press wait for two hours. Quite a few members of the media criticised Marc for that, Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune was the loudest of them all. Marc did not like the criticism, in fact he said that people are there to have a look at the clothes he designs and it is up to him that at what time he starts the show. Any ways after the event there were rumors that Marc is moving to Paris Fashion week. But Marc ended all this speculation by confirming the seven pm slot on February 8 th at the NY Fashion week. Earlier 9 pm slot was booked for Marc but after all this criticism Marc has moved his show timings two hours early so that people will not miss their dinner even if he gets two hours late this time. How considerate? And if you think that we are attacking Marc unnecessarily then listen to this Marc has not made any promise or given any guarantee that he will be on time this time.

Jayson Brunsdon Autumn/Winter Collection at NY Fashion Week

Jayson Brunsdon’s autumn/winter collection at new york fashion weekWell when all the designers are preparing for the spring/summer collection it seems that Jayson Brunsdon is getting ready to showcase his winter/autumn collection at New York Fashion week. A little late you will say as the designers tend to showcase their designs before a particular season starts so that their designs can be accessible to the buyers during the season. However, Jayson Brunsdon, will show his autumn/winter collection on February 7 2008 at New York Fashion. February is considered almost end of the winters and it is also the time when all other designers will be showcasing their spring/summer collections. Jayson Brunsdon has a very big sponsor for his show as well. The show will be sponsored by the Australian Wool Innovators. Merino wool is not only celebrating its 200 anniversary but it has also recently acquired Woolmark Company. So the company is celebrating its double achievement by sponsoring Jayson Brunsdon’s autumn/winter collection. But the wool giant has a very strong reason behind sponsoring Jayson Brunsdon collection i.e. his strong growth in last four years in the business at the US market. Popular stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue don’t hesitate at all to showcase Jayson Brunsdon’s designs which we can not say about all the designers. And if you think that only Australian Wool Company is proud to associate itself with Jayson Brunsdon then here is the news. Famous Australian Hair stylist Joh Bailey will also be present at Jayson Brunsdon’s fashion show to direct the hairstyles of the models, for the first time.

Herve Leger In New York Fashion Week

Herve Leger in new york fashion weekJust few days ago we heard the news of Vivienne Westwood’s return to London Fashion Week and now we have news of another comeback. It seems that the fashion industry is competing with Hollywood with these comebacks. Anyways this time it’s the fashion label which is making a comeback to the ramp at New York Fashion Week. Famous 90’s label Herve Leger will showcase its designs in the 2008 New York Fashion week. And of course as you must have guessed Herve Leger’s team of designers will be headed by none other than Max Azria who is responsible for the label’s comeback in 1998. The label will get a chance to showcase its designs on the ramp at New York Fashion Week after a long gap since mid nineties. I will also be interesting to see Max Azria balance act in the New York Fashion Week, which will be held in February. As we all know United States Based French designer Max Azria also has his own labels of apparels called Max Azria and BCBG Max Azria. Azria will not only have to maintain the heritage of the Herve Leger but will also have to check that style of his own labels don’t get mixed with Herve Leger. In fact both- Herve Leger and Max Azria’s own label- are totally opposite. This also means that Max Azria will be presenting his designs under three different labels in a single season of New York Fashion Week.

SPRING 2008 Collections

New Work Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Fashion changes with the changing moods of every season. While summer leaves it mark in form of bright and vibrant colors, winters restricts our style to cowl necks and mufflers. Springs turns out to be a savior for all the fashion and style. Like every year, designers this year too have geared up their act of the spring 2008 collections. Several fashion weeks have already left their mark in the world of fashion. New York Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week have already set the stage for the drama of spring next year. And the fall next year looks fresh already. Fluorescent colors have made their way once again; not will they add glamor but will also camouflage the fashion disasters in the springy surroundings. Hues of green, yellow, white will make their impact once again. From clothing lines to fashion accessories like belts, hats, bling bangles, all will reflect the mood of spring perfectly in these subtle hues. Girls its time now to pull out the small flared skirt out of your wardrobes and just hang them on your shoulder to stand out this spring season. If you have not got a chance to experiment with the belt you got last year, then its time to show that belt light of the day as belts are back big time in the fashion circuit. At least this is what designers all over the world are seeing it as. The year of fashion accessories coupled with soft textures of clothing lines. Get ready to experiment this spring season.
[Photograph Credits: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and London Fashion Week]

New York fashion Week 2008

World waits for the dawn of a new day in the world of fashion. And it can not dawn in a better style than the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the city of lights- New York. A week long festival, from 5th September to 12 September, has designers from all the over the world showcasing their Spring Fall 2008. Mercedezes Benz is the main sponsor of the event and so the name of the show. Divided in various phases the show has already showcased some outstanding collections from the best designers of the World. The show takes place in The Tent, The Promenade and The Salon on Sixth Avenue, 41st Street in the city of New York. All the eyes are on the Grand Finale that will take place on the 12th September. Some of the well known designers and fashion houses showcasing their designs are Lacoste, Gucci, Peter Som, and DKNY and so on. Although entry is not open to public, but there is no reason to dishearten yourself as you can see all the action and glamour on the internet. Nothing can keep you away from the best of the world. This swank show has collections like never before. Speaking of which some of the collections which have already been showcased and appreciated by designers all over are Miss Sixty- a colourful and swanky collection spring dresses. And it has already set in the mood that the upcoming collections will only be better. So, sit up right, the world will see a new dawn of style that will leave its shine for a long long time.