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London Fashion Week – just five weeks away

London Fashion weekThe designers are busy giving final touches to dresses the organizers are busy in making last minute adjustments in the schedule and fashion enthusiasts have started the countdown as the London Fashion Week is only five weeks away. The London Fashion week starts on February 10. The final schedule is out making it clear that who will and who will not take part in the London Fashion week. As per the final scheduled released by the organizers the London Fashion week will start with a show by Paul Costelloe on Sunday (February 10), same as last year. And if we are following the last year’s time table then of course the show will end with the finale by Julien Macdonald on Friday February 15th.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the return of Vivienne Westwood in London Fashion Week. She will present her ultra fashionable Red Label collection on February 14 th. But there is one bad news; Jonathan Saunders is skipping the London Fashion Week this year for the New York Fashion week. Although there are some new designers participating in the event this year like last year’s fashion fringe competition winner Aminaka Wilmont along with Pierre Braganaza, Meadham Kirchhoff, Krystof Strozyna. Ashley Isham is also expected join the party soon. Jager London will also be taking part in the event for the first time and Luella will also be there for the second consecutive season. The London Fashion week starts on February 10th and ends on February 15 th.

London Fashion Week, Vivienne Westwood

London fashion Week ,Vivienne WestwoodGood news for the people who are crazy about Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood is coming back to London fashion Week with her famous Red Label Collection. Vivienne Westwood will exhibit her collection in the 2008 London Fashion Week which starts from February 10 th and will end on February 15th 2008. Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label collection is famous and well admired in London. It is the popular demand of Red Label which has brought Vivienne back in London. The collection was launched in 1994 by Vivienne Westwood and was an instant hit. The Red Label collection is made for the people who dare to be different. It is for the people who look for something new and original every time. Red Label comprises of sexy and stylish apparels with of course Vivienne’s signature neat cuts. Vivienne Westwood’s favorite knitwear is expected to be part of her Red Label collection as well. In all, we are expecting a totally British Red Label show by Vivienne Westwood. But it’s all a guess as everyone is waiting for Vivienne’s collection eagerly. Red Label is not only popular in UK but it is also popular across the world. In fact its demand is increasing across the world. Its popularity has brought Vivienne Westwood back to London Fashion Week after nine years. All these years Vivienne Westwood was showcasing her collections across the world and was lauded for it. Like every year Vivienne Westwood will also take part in Paris Fashion Week with her Gold Label collection which, in some areas, is completely different from Red Label collection.

SPRING 2008 Collections

New Work Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Fashion changes with the changing moods of every season. While summer leaves it mark in form of bright and vibrant colors, winters restricts our style to cowl necks and mufflers. Springs turns out to be a savior for all the fashion and style. Like every year, designers this year too have geared up their act of the spring 2008 collections. Several fashion weeks have already left their mark in the world of fashion. New York Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week have already set the stage for the drama of spring next year. And the fall next year looks fresh already. Fluorescent colors have made their way once again; not will they add glamor but will also camouflage the fashion disasters in the springy surroundings. Hues of green, yellow, white will make their impact once again. From clothing lines to fashion accessories like belts, hats, bling bangles, all will reflect the mood of spring perfectly in these subtle hues. Girls its time now to pull out the small flared skirt out of your wardrobes and just hang them on your shoulder to stand out this spring season. If you have not got a chance to experiment with the belt you got last year, then its time to show that belt light of the day as belts are back big time in the fashion circuit. At least this is what designers all over the world are seeing it as. The year of fashion accessories coupled with soft textures of clothing lines. Get ready to experiment this spring season.
[Photograph Credits: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and London Fashion Week]

London Fashion Week

The setting of New York Fashion Festival 2008 saw the dawning of another long waited fashion show week- The London Fashion Week, 2008. Yet another Fashion Show that showcased Spring 2008 Collection in one of the world’s most fashionable city- London. A five day long festival began on 15th September and concluded on 20th of the same month. The show had a huge turnout where designers from all over the world showcased their collection for the coming fall 2008. A fashion feast for all the fashion lovers had too many delicacies in terms of variety to offer. This fashion week showcased collection that the viewers and fashion lovers will relish for a long time. L’Oreal being the main sponsor, this show also saw new styles and cuts for hair along with cool fashion. Like other fashion week, this show too saw the flares as the main ingredient of next year’s fashion stage. The models walked the ramp in stylish flared skirts. The only variation it saw was the difference in length and colors. Silver was a dominant color of this fashion week. Tones and hues similar to silver were the next obvious scorers in rest of the collection. Some of the designers who showcased their collection in this charming festival were Julien Macdonald, Amy Molyneaux, Percy Parker, Amanda Wakeley, Ben de Lisi, Caroline Charles and Gareth Pugh. Use of soft hues and fabrics added charm to the entire collection. And use of accessories like colorful bling bangles with dull hues raised the glam quotient to the superior most level. Indeed a show that has collections worth waiting for.