Fashion, a word that features after some 500 words in the dictionary, but is the first thing on everyone’s mind and body. Fashion, speaks different languages, sees different faces, dawns different bodies and changes quicker than the leaves on a tree. It is one word that evokes infinite images in one’s mind.
We all are addicted to it in one or the other way. So much so that we define each era by its fashion trends. Whether it is the stylish bell bottoms of the 70s or the teasing polka dots of 80s, or khakis of the 90s or stylized fashion accessories of the new century. We all are fashion conscious in our own ways and make our own fashion statements every changing day. Today the fashion scenario has evolved to the extent that there are hundreds of industries thriving on making us look beautiful. Fashion is a serious business today, so much so that every year there are worldwide shows and contests to display skills of people with developed tastes for fashion. We all are fashion conscious and are born with an aesthetic sense. We display these skills even when we are buying small things for our wardrobe. Whether it is the latest glares we flash or a slim chappal we are wearing to a beach or a handbag we carry to office. Everything is bought keeping in mind the changing trends.

It is said change is the only permanent thing in life. And life changes every minute, so does a seven lettered word called Fashion!

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