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WAREHOUSE SPRING/SUMMER 2008 COLLECTIONRecently Warehouse organised a show exhibiting its spring/summer 2008 collection. The High Street fashion proved that it is not less than any designer label. This was also proved by the stars who thronged the show. I mean in how many designers fashion show you see stars like Holly Willoughby and Lisa Snowdon sitting in the first row. And the stars looked impressed by the warehouse spring/summer 2008 collection. The show was started with the stunning Romantica range which comprises of the crochet knits, maxi dresses, yoke detail tops, kaftans, and tops. Origami Amber, Safari and Indigo dominated the entire Warehouse show. The Origami pieces with the fabrics in coral and monochrome were appealing and liked by many present at show. The show had something for everyone therefore there were also some coloured pieces with strong silhouette. It seems that figure hugging dresses with beautiful big skirts will be an instant hit among the buyers. And if its spring one will definitely have prints in the collection and therefore it was prominently visible in the entire collection. Dresses worn over jeans also made an appearance in the show along with waist coats and long city shorts. For the Spring/Summer 2008 Warehouse presented thick belts which were matched perfectly with those beautiful ensembles. The bags were kept small but attractive and classy. And at last hair of the models were styled in boho chic look. So overall the show was a hit. May there is a message for the designers who keep their nose up.

Sisley follows the stars in its Spring/Summer 2008 collection

Sisley’s Spring/Summer 2008 collectionWell if you are pretty serious about what your stars have to say about you and you believe that you should do as your stars tells you to do, then Sisley’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection is for you. The collection has been designed keeping in mind the likings, disliking, attitude, behavior pattern and moods of the four elements of the Zodiac groups. The four elements of the Zodiac groups – Earth, Water, Air and Fire— no there is no “Fifth Element”. Sisley has made an attempt to please everyone with his collection, if you don’t like the first type you also have three other ranges to choose from. It is actually a very smart and profitable way of presenting a collection, it targets everyone. Now let’s see how Sisley has divided the designs and colors in four parts. Let us analyse first the Earth—the designers at Sisley figured out that that people of this particular group are well grounded and have a character, therefore clothes in earthly shades like earthy brown, clay red, dusty gray and sandy yellow has been used in these designs. For the females there are figure hugging dresses, deep necklines and for men there are trench coat, Bermudas and denims. The second type Water is made for the people who are free spirit so the floating designs with white and subtle pale shades are the thing. The third type Air is made for the people with light heart and who always like to be in dream world, for them Sisley has flowery prints and other textured material. And lastly the Fire are the kind of people who are passionate, strong headed, who want to conquer the world for them Sisley has offered sexy outfits in black, bronze and ivory.

70′S Famous Label Halston Back In Business

70’s famous label Halston back in bussinessSo when every one is making a come back in the fashion industry then why not those who were once an icon in the fashion industry. Yes we are talking about the 70’s famous label Halston which is all set to make a come back. And it is making a come back because of another icon, although an icon from film industry, Harvey Winestein. Winestein has bought Haslton which has dressed up people like Jacqueline Kennedy, Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Anjelica Huston, Lauren Bacall, Babe Paley, and Elizabeth Taylor in the seventies. Although Roy Halston Frowick was himself chucked out by the board of the Halston after he failed to meet deadlines because of his drug addiction. But the past is past as the Halston is all set to be back with a bang as star stylist Rachel Zoe has been appointed as the style advisor and the President of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon, will be one of its Board of Directors. And of course new Halston will also announce its comeback in style, yes you are right with a come back show. The show is scheduled for February 4th, 2007. It will be organised at the Manhattan’s famous Gagosian Gallery which has recently hosted the show for Balenciaga. The show is expected to attract the attention of not only the new generation of the fashion industry and film industry but also the old generation of the fashion industry as it will remind them of the golden eras of the yesteryears.

Pet Fashion Week New York coming to Tokyo for the First Time

Pet Fashion Weeknew york coming to tokyo for the first timeNow the people of Japan will also get the chance to witness the famous and popular New York Pet Fashion Week. On the invitation of the Tokyo Broadcasting Systems the organisers of the Pet Fashion Week New York will present a runway show in Tokyo. The Pet Fashion Week is scheduled to be held on January 12th and 13th on the occasion of the New Year Dog Party at Big Sight in Tokyo.

As this will be Japan’s first pet runway show a lot of preparations are going on for the event. The New York Pet Fashion Week is popular worldwide for its latest and coolest pet trends. Best Pet Fashion Designers from across the world participate in the event every year. Buyers from across the world throng New York every year to shop for the latest ensembles for Pets. The Pet Fashion Week in Tokyo will give buyers opportunity to witness the latest in pet fashion one more time in the year. World’s top designers are expected to present their pet apparel, pet accessories, demi-couture and avant-garde collection in the show. A Pet’s World has also been selected to participate in the event. The event will give the designers an opportunity to dig in the $10 billion Japanese Pet market. Over 40,000 audiences are expected to be present at the First Pet Fashion Week of Japan. And looking at size of the Japanese Pet market it is surely not the last Pet Fashion Week in Japan.

Fashion Show for a Good Cause

Jenni Button’s PhilosophyMay be some critique did not like Jenni Button’s Philosophy Range showed at Femina. Only few liked those African prints, zebra stripped bags, leopard spots and tiger stripes. It was more on the lines of modern man and woman unleashing the animal with in to tackle the big city. But any ways those who did not like this will love this. Jenni Button has recently organised a fashion show in Plettenberg bay to raise money for the animal welfare.

Jenni Button launched her Philosophy range at a luncheon. Although this time her Philosophy range was quite different from those leopard spots and tiger stripes. Instead this time the silk, chiffons and flowing fashion were the main ingredients of Jenni Button’s Philosophy range collection. All the 45 dresses showcased by Jenni Button’s were lauded by the guests present at the luncheon event. All the three hundred guests had to pay $300 for the charity for animal welfare. The money collected in the event was given to the Plettenberg Bay Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to build an animal hospital for the stray cats, dogs and other animals. Around eleven models participated in the event organized for the Plettenberg Bay Animal Welfare Society. The Plettenberg Bay Animal Welfare Society was founded in 2002 to help pets and stray animals in the city and in the areas around Bitou. And on top of everything Jenni Button got the chance to silence the critiques. That is called killing two birds with one stone.

Marc Jacobs Promises to be at New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs Promises to be at New York Fashion WeekYes, now the organizers at the New York Fashion week can heave a sigh of relief as Marc Jacobs one of the top designers, or the only top designer of the event some will say, has agreed to show his collection in the event. Earlier there were chances of Marc moving to Paris Fashion Week from New York Fashion week. As we all remember last time during the show of his spring/summer 2008 collection Marc Jacobs made the crème de la crème of the fashion industry and press wait for two hours. Quite a few members of the media criticised Marc for that, Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune was the loudest of them all. Marc did not like the criticism, in fact he said that people are there to have a look at the clothes he designs and it is up to him that at what time he starts the show. Any ways after the event there were rumors that Marc is moving to Paris Fashion week. But Marc ended all this speculation by confirming the seven pm slot on February 8 th at the NY Fashion week. Earlier 9 pm slot was booked for Marc but after all this criticism Marc has moved his show timings two hours early so that people will not miss their dinner even if he gets two hours late this time. How considerate? And if you think that we are attacking Marc unnecessarily then listen to this Marc has not made any promise or given any guarantee that he will be on time this time.

Manolo Blahnik Spring/Summer 2008

Manolo Blahnik ShoesAfter launching his special line of shoes for men for the first time, Manolo Blahnik is ready with his spring/summer 2008 collection. And those who know Manolo Blahnik must be expecting something extraordinary from him this time as well. Yes, yet again Manolo Blahnik spring/summer 2008 collection is something totally stunning and astonishing. Astonishing as you will not believe that Manolo Blahnik has taken inspiration for his new collection from the curves of the windows and nails. No we are not exaggerating, actually Manolo Blahnik recently visited Istanbul and Finnish and have taken lot of inspiration for his new collection from there. For instance in his own words he liked the curves of the windows of the Hagia Sophia so he decided to use that pattern in his shoe designs. He also found the Marimekko prints at a little shop in Bath mind blowing and decided to use it in his collection. The combination of two is yet another stunning designer shoe by Manolo Blahnik. And if you think that this was totally genius and then listen to this; some of the other designs in the collection are inspired by things like teaspoon and an ordinary nail. You may take days to find out where it fit in the shoes but let use tell you to save time that Manolo Blahnik has used pattern of a tea spoon for the sole of his shoes. A nail with a small disc in the bottom made a stunning heel of the shoes. Is Manolo Blahnik a complete genius or not.

Jayson Brunsdon Autumn/Winter Collection at NY Fashion Week

Jayson Brunsdon’s autumn/winter collection at new york fashion weekWell when all the designers are preparing for the spring/summer collection it seems that Jayson Brunsdon is getting ready to showcase his winter/autumn collection at New York Fashion week. A little late you will say as the designers tend to showcase their designs before a particular season starts so that their designs can be accessible to the buyers during the season. However, Jayson Brunsdon, will show his autumn/winter collection on February 7 2008 at New York Fashion. February is considered almost end of the winters and it is also the time when all other designers will be showcasing their spring/summer collections. Jayson Brunsdon has a very big sponsor for his show as well. The show will be sponsored by the Australian Wool Innovators. Merino wool is not only celebrating its 200 anniversary but it has also recently acquired Woolmark Company. So the company is celebrating its double achievement by sponsoring Jayson Brunsdon’s autumn/winter collection. But the wool giant has a very strong reason behind sponsoring Jayson Brunsdon collection i.e. his strong growth in last four years in the business at the US market. Popular stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue don’t hesitate at all to showcase Jayson Brunsdon’s designs which we can not say about all the designers. And if you think that only Australian Wool Company is proud to associate itself with Jayson Brunsdon then here is the news. Famous Australian Hair stylist Joh Bailey will also be present at Jayson Brunsdon’s fashion show to direct the hairstyles of the models, for the first time.

Herve Leger In New York Fashion Week

Herve Leger in new york fashion weekJust few days ago we heard the news of Vivienne Westwood’s return to London Fashion Week and now we have news of another comeback. It seems that the fashion industry is competing with Hollywood with these comebacks. Anyways this time it’s the fashion label which is making a comeback to the ramp at New York Fashion Week. Famous 90’s label Herve Leger will showcase its designs in the 2008 New York Fashion week. And of course as you must have guessed Herve Leger’s team of designers will be headed by none other than Max Azria who is responsible for the label’s comeback in 1998. The label will get a chance to showcase its designs on the ramp at New York Fashion Week after a long gap since mid nineties. I will also be interesting to see Max Azria balance act in the New York Fashion Week, which will be held in February. As we all know United States Based French designer Max Azria also has his own labels of apparels called Max Azria and BCBG Max Azria. Azria will not only have to maintain the heritage of the Herve Leger but will also have to check that style of his own labels don’t get mixed with Herve Leger. In fact both- Herve Leger and Max Azria’s own label- are totally opposite. This also means that Max Azria will be presenting his designs under three different labels in a single season of New York Fashion Week.

Manhattan Fashion Walk

Manhattan Fashion WalkGood news for the new and upcoming designers as some of them may share the ramp with world’s top designers like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs as after the gap of five years new designers will be included in the Manhattan’s Fashion Walk. In 2008 fashion show some new designers, whose name have not been revealed yet, will get a golden opportunity to showcase their designs at the Manhattan Fashion Walk of Fame on Seventh Avenue. The Manhattan Fashion Walk of Fame is a way to remember the Garment district, fashion centre of the New York City which is there since early 20 th century. All the leading fashion designers of the country are related to this Garment districts in some way or the other and therefore every year during the Manhattan Fashion Walk of fame four living and four deceased designers are honored. However, this year the organizers felt that it is getting very difficult to find four great living designers and four deceased designers every year. They may be able to find them this year but things will really get difficult in the coming year so the organizers have reduced the number of living and deceased designers to be honored, to one. It gets difficult for the organizers to find the designers eligible for the award because of the strict guidelines. As per the rules a designer should be an American and should have a showroom in New York. Also he or she should be in the fashion industry for minimum ten years. The winner will be chosen by the votes of 114 experts.