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Canvas mule shoes

canvas mule shoesIn the market you can find variety of shoes among all canvas mule shoes are one of the most high fashionable shoes. These canvas mule shoes are really very attractive. These shoes are embroidered with intricate designs at the top, the soft inner lining of these canvas shoes ensures a level of comfort. The angle of canvas shoes are also attractive to look and makes a perfect match with party wear. You can be use it at any function. These are made from superior quality of raw material, these canvases are innovative in designs and carved with beauty. These canvas mule shoes are available in variety of colors pattern and sizes. The canvas mule shoes are proficiently crafted from top grade canvas, these well decorated mules are utilitarian as well as stylish and guaranteed to last for long time. You can also get it by beautifully designed with very fascinating lines. Canvas mule shoes are available with kitten heels. These type of ladies shoes are add glamour elegance to the life style of ladies. As we know that canvas mule shoes are available in many varieties by using ornamental floral patterns. It is also available in the market with a new look. These designer canvas mules possessing vibrant eye catching designs are known for marvelous color combination. You can also get the pointed and closed toe high heel canvas mule shoes which are really shows the work of diligence. The attractive motifs of canvas shoes are available in various shades and these are really a unforgettable gifts for any fashion oriented person during the festive seasons.

Stone worked chappal

As a trendy person you must be choosy about your foot wears. Ofcourse, you must be choosy because it is question about your own feet. With the changing world different designed shoes are available in the market. These times young stars go through shoes so fast that some times it seems like you just paid for a pair when you need more. If you want yourself to try something different then you are already on the way that means in this fashionable era particularly for women many designs are available in the market from among the stone worked shoes are something different. These shoes are particularly you use in festival season that means in marriage function, as a party wear or many more occasion. These are available in the market with various variety. The stones may work in flat shoes or hill shoes or in half shoes. Look for shoes made that will keep feet cooler and dryer from breathable materials From all the designed shoes we specially find the kundan stone work and it is available with various designs and various colors. It is really a hand work and the stone workers just fabulously done their duty so care fully. The stone worked shoes are match able when you wear the stone worked saree, stone worked salwar and stone worked lehenga. And these all are you get with a reasonable price. It is really a Indian originated shoe but now it is internationally adopted by the Indian tradition oriented people.

Fashionable wire bags

fashionable wire bagsIn the world you find bunch of fashion bags and all the bags are available in the market with new design, new fascination and  with new desirability. So there will be must little bit of confusion what should you choose. From all the baggage’s fashionable wire bag is the most high demanding in today’s market. You can also get it by beautifully designed with very fascinating lines.  The fashionable wire bags are available with wire strings . These type of ladies bags are add glamour elegance to the life style of ladies. As we know that fashionable wire bags are available in many varieties by using ornamental floral patterns it also available in the market with a new look. These designer fashionable wire bags possessing effervescent eye catching designs are known for marvelous color combination. You can also get the fashionable wire bags according to your choice which are really shows the work of diligence. The gorgeous motifs of fashionable wire bags are available in various shades and these are really a unforgettable gifts for any fashion oriented person during the festive seasons. Every one knows that finding one bag is so difficult, but from fashionable wire bags, it self put you in the designer chair. By which you can choose the style of fashionable wire bag or tote that fits your life style and needs. The fashionable market is full with poles apart sized design and with different shaded colors and you can desire yourself from your own choice.

Knitted string bags

knitted string bagThe weather around here was starting to feel decidedly fall like over the weakened. All these romantic words are use for knitted string bags. This is really a bag which can attracts any body towards it. If we say it is a love oriented bag then nothing is wrong. The most tremendous thing is you can easily made it yourself. First of all you must choose yourself what is beautiful for you. These bags are sturdy and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, handle lengths, and colors. These can be also used a shopping bag with different sizes and different designs according to the fashions requirement. A variety of lady’s knitted handbag with unique designs are also available in the market. Every knows that this knitted bags are only for women but now days it’s not true because as same boys can use it as a trendy fashionable bag. They can use it as a sports bag. The knitted string bags also can made by straw, willow, reed, bamboo, cotton fabric, pp cotton, paper straw and wooden beads. Not only this style is just looking for the ultimate trendy bag, it is also looking for a fashionable and functional hand bag that would stand up to the wear and tear of a busy, on the go life style. after many years these designs are came into the market the real thing is this style. It is just shows that as a globe moving towards a new era with the hand made royal designs. is very much old. But as we know that old is gold the same thing functional on this knitted string bags.

Designed laptop bags

designed laptop bagsIn the fashionable world we find many bags according to your choice. With a creative and innovative approach to fashion the international fashion worlds for empower women offers high end designed laptop bags. These international fashionable lap top bags are made for today’s self assured women. These types of women’s are trendy but not show-up nature, they are taste full, high end bur not showy, fashionable but not functional. Emphasizing utility and style, these designed laptop bags are made from 100% genuine leather and can accommodate a laptop computer and a host of business and personal essentials. These are multi functional bags that can be either laptop bags for women or women’s leather brief cases. True individualism and a sense of empowerment is what a designed laptop bag is provides to today’s women. The intended laptop bags are so fashionable it blends in well next to the designer hand bags. Leather and metal accents, fashionable materials and bold colors are all hall marks of designed laptop bags. The designed laptop bag collection is disarmingly attractive at first glance, but when it comes to function it is all business. Each leather laptop bag features a padded space to tuck in up to a 15.4” laptop computer plus abundant storage pens, note pads, important documents, elactrononic organizer and other personal essentials. The designed fashion bags values the loyalty of its clientele and believes in maintaining long lasting and reciprocally advantageous relationship with fashion world. This bag made only for the modern women, who are fashion trendy.

chndua- an applique hand work

chandua-a applique workChandua bags means appliqué bags. Its are really handy crafted bags and are originated from Orissa a state of India. In a cloth bag the appliqué woks are just adorn. It is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by super posing patches of colored fabric on a basic fabric, the of patches being sewn in some form of stitchery. It is distinct from what is known as patch work in which small pieces of cut fabric are usually joined side by side. Though this bag is not unknown in other parts of world, it is form Orissa and specially in pipli that the craft has a living and active tradition continuing over centuries. This craft is traditionally practiced by a caste of professional tailors. Un like other bags these chandua bags are attractive artifacts of daily use apart from being decorative. As compare with other bags these bags are cheaper. These chandua worked bags are also adorn in velvet clothes. These chandua bags are can be used as  traveling bag and it is available in the market with various design. It also offers recent style and comfortableness and it is also gives a ethnic look with combining many colors. As we know today’s fashionable world just like some different unique piece. Yes these bags are some traditional but  today with some modern touch it is easily attracts the customers towards it. These chandua bags are easy to carry and snug to feel, these light weighted fancy item is known in the group of girls for its toughness as well as fascination.

Fringe Boots – The new opera of Shoes

Fringe Boot
Due to a strong demand for more boots, availability is very limited on the tall boots, you must likely will not get them- you are not charged for them unless they are shipped. In this fashion era you have find several styles of men’s and women’s fringe boot to choose. Fringe boots are extremely comfy and often a popular choice of trappers, mountain men, striking dancers. These fringe boots have also became popular in international level  to wear with cutoffs or jeans. The knee-high fringe makes a statement, lengthening the looks of your legs and therefore projecting a taller image. For all your rendezvous goers put there, this fringe style will go great with any costume. These fringe boots are very soft. Its soft suede leather fashioned into ankled high boots. Beautiful boots for a rendezvous or a renaissance faire. These type durable fringe are a really fun look. These mocks make a style statement every time you wear them out. Soft suede leather fashioned into knee hi boots. Double leather bottom, beautiful boot for a rendezvous or a renaissance faire. These durable leather fringe are really gives a fun a look. These mocks make a style statement every time you wear them out. The fringe boots are come with soft suede leather fashioned into beautiful knee high boots. Thin crepe outsole, , brown or black out suede. These boots are very classy yet practical and these are very long lasting materials. Some Fringe boots are great good looking and uni-sex that works for just about every one. Particularly younger generation love this shoe.

Fashion sleepers

As we know shoes play a vital role in our day to day life. And in this fashionable period sleepers which we use as daily wear came in the market with a very different look. High and embroidered with the best quality beads and sequences the ladies fashion sleepers come in a variety of flat to three inches. These are care fully designed uppers to give you the most comfortable and best fit. It comes in variety of colors and design. From the bright hues for summers to the winter looks. The neutrals like the shades of brown, blacks and white never cease. Different shapes like the pointed toe and the round front keep changing with latest trends. These home sleepers are available at a attractive range. It has been specially designed for comfort and durability. These home sleepers make an ideal match with traditional and western attires. The fashion sleepers impressive range specially attracts the customers. They are available at a variety of creative design and with many colors. The fashion sleepers possesses round beaded upper in toe strap and kitten heel. These are really the first choice of every fashion conscious girls and ladies. These eye catching fashion sleepers look beautiful with every type. You can also find skilled embroidery work with multi colored sparkling design. These sleepers you can also use as a party wear. Today’s home sleepers immediately turn the attention of everyone towards the wearers. It is basically adopted because of its eye feasting color combination and stylish pattern.

Fashion shoes

As we know shoes are the most recruit able things for our day to day life. Shoes become chunkier and thicker, lower heels and rounded or squared toes. Small platform soles are beginning to appear on some styles. Buckle shoes in patent became very fashionable and some styles were made with silver and gold colored heels to match the buckles. Now in fashion world the Italian shoes had an extra elegance and refinement in shape and design. In the modern era especially people want the shoes which are something different than others. Specially jeweled shoes in the market are the right choice for the festival season. Jeweled shoes are consistent with the fashion trend towards futuristic space age dresses that have embedded jewel effect necklines, sleeve bands and skirt borders. Shoes with sequins and stones, dripping with palettes or square punk guard dog studs, contrast against shoes with soft romantic flower effects. The fashion trend towards the short leggy look, means their will be plenty of thigh and ankle on view this fashion era. In turn it means that feet will be very much in show and footwear will be highly noticeable. So fashionable shoes and sandals are extra decorative in appearance or have interesting surface texture, shimmer or glistening shine and gleam to the material leathers. They also have ties, buckles, straps and bows. Fashion shoes are just as likely to be made from thick satin. Really in fashionable market you find many more designs according to your choice and you must choose the better one. Because shoes also effect your personality.

Fashion Weeks

One stage. One show. And a week long feast for the fashion lovers and of course the fashion pundits. Yes, it is all about fashion and the week long fashion feast- a fashion week. The history of fashion week dates back to 1943 when it all started and become a religion for the fashion world. It took birth in the city of hovering towers and lights- New York. Fashion weeks have since then become a fashion indeed. 41 cities around the world are the recognized places for the fashion week to took  place. New York, Milan, Paris, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Auckland, Johannesburg are the places to name a few. What exactly is a fashion week? It is usually a week long fashion celebration where renowned designers showcase their collection for the next season. Collection from  January  to March are defined as Fall where as collections between September to November are defined as Spring Fashion Week. Spring collection is said to be the most awaited collection of the year. Some of the fashion weeks that are most looked forward to are the Milan fashion week, New York Fashion Week, Paris fashion week. Besides, these common fashion weeks there are some genre specific fashion weeks also to look forward to. Like the Miami fashion week for swimwear, Prêt-a Porter for ready-to-wear clothes, Bridal wear, etc. Fashion weeks are a fashion designer’s delight, an event they most eagerly await. Fashion weeks are indeed the place that gives shape to fashion every year and fills the world with the color of style.