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SPRING 2008 Collections

New Work Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

London Fashion Week SPRING 2008

Fashion changes with the changing moods of every season. While summer leaves it mark in form of bright and vibrant colors, winters restricts our style to cowl necks and mufflers. Springs turns out to be a savior for all the fashion and style. Like every year, designers this year too have geared up their act of the spring 2008 collections. Several fashion weeks have already left their mark in the world of fashion. New York Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week have already set the stage for the drama of spring next year. And the fall next year looks fresh already. Fluorescent colors have made their way once again; not will they add glamor but will also camouflage the fashion disasters in the springy surroundings. Hues of green, yellow, white will make their impact once again. From clothing lines to fashion accessories like belts, hats, bling bangles, all will reflect the mood of spring perfectly in these subtle hues. Girls its time now to pull out the small flared skirt out of your wardrobes and just hang them on your shoulder to stand out this spring season. If you have not got a chance to experiment with the belt you got last year, then its time to show that belt light of the day as belts are back big time in the fashion circuit. At least this is what designers all over the world are seeing it as. The year of fashion accessories coupled with soft textures of clothing lines. Get ready to experiment this spring season.
[Photograph Credits: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and London Fashion Week]

The Denim Way!

DenimA fabric that will never go out of fashion today and for coming generations is denim.
Denim found its way to popularity from America in the late eighties. Since then it has been the most treasured and talked about fabric of the fashion circuit. One of the early denim brands to be available in markets was Guess. Time and over celebrities have endorsed different brands of denim. Various brands like Levis have come up with innovation of branding one entire collection for a star. Not only stars of the West like Claudia Schiffer, Nicole Kidman have brands named after them but also Indian stars like John Abraham and Sushmita Sen have brands named after them. Many fashion gurus call it a marketing gimmick, but no one can deny the fact that it is one very interesting way to draw people to the stores. All said and done denim needs no introduction to be sold and worn. This evergreen fabric works for all seasons and occasions. Different styles of denim clothing available in market range from overalls to capris, from skirts to shirts, from daisy dukes to dungarees. This rugged cotton twill is available in various cuts like straight, boyfriend, boot cut, cropped, flare, embroidered, skinny, and low waist. Denim is now available in various colors like blue, faded, ice washed, hues of black. But by far the most popular one remains the regular blue.

So, next time when you are thinking of buying something to match the season’s trend, then go for denims without second thoughts. Because if there is one fashion that is never going to fade then it the denim fashion.

Foot to wear

Peacock is a beautiful bird but if you turn to look downwards then you immediately get turned off. If you are wondering why we are discussing peacocks when we are talking about fashion then don’t get confused more. We are talking about one the most intriguing part of our body- foot. Men fantasize feet more than some other revealing parts of the body. Fashion can be an absolute disaster if you are not wearing the right footwear to go along. If you are choosing the latest style for your body wear, then why dump it all with old and wrong footwear. Today’s fashion experts say that big and bold is the season’s style for your footwear. Also you can mix and match simple cuts with bold footwear. There are big and bold collections available in various footwear brands. Team up a simple black knee length gown with Sexy Chanel Boots with detailing along sides or go for Golden Boots by Jimmy Choo. Match up snake skin boots by Jean Paul Gaultier’s with mini golden dress. Eyes would be chasing down you every where you walk down to. Fashion is all about experimenting, so create your style by trying out new footwear styles. Choose stylish textures like leather, suede, bright colors, ornamented heels and strings. Let your foot loose and see the difference in the attention you have been getting till now to the attention that you get after you have taken up one of these style mantras. So, go for it woman.

London Fashion Week

The setting of New York Fashion Festival 2008 saw the dawning of another long waited fashion show week- The London Fashion Week, 2008. Yet another Fashion Show that showcased Spring 2008 Collection in one of the world’s most fashionable city- London. A five day long festival began on 15th September and concluded on 20th of the same month. The show had a huge turnout where designers from all over the world showcased their collection for the coming fall 2008. A fashion feast for all the fashion lovers had too many delicacies in terms of variety to offer. This fashion week showcased collection that the viewers and fashion lovers will relish for a long time. L’Oreal being the main sponsor, this show also saw new styles and cuts for hair along with cool fashion. Like other fashion week, this show too saw the flares as the main ingredient of next year’s fashion stage. The models walked the ramp in stylish flared skirts. The only variation it saw was the difference in length and colors. Silver was a dominant color of this fashion week. Tones and hues similar to silver were the next obvious scorers in rest of the collection. Some of the designers who showcased their collection in this charming festival were Julien Macdonald, Amy Molyneaux, Percy Parker, Amanda Wakeley, Ben de Lisi, Caroline Charles and Gareth Pugh. Use of soft hues and fabrics added charm to the entire collection. And use of accessories like colorful bling bangles with dull hues raised the glam quotient to the superior most level. Indeed a show that has collections worth waiting for.

Spring Collection 2008 unveiled

Mercedes New York Fashion Week witnessed the fashion that will make our lives even more stylish. The four day long Fashion festival unveiled the fashion for Spring Fall 2008. The colors for this spring are pale or contrasting bright. There were different designers who had different representations for the up coming year. But no matter who took which stand- the fashion scene for next year already looks fresh and alluring. One popular fashion ensemble that has found new meaning is the big and bold belts. Designers like Donna Karan have coupled stylish belts with flared frocks. Pale colors like dull yellow, off whites are the color for the next season from Donna’s eyes. Marc Jacobs’s collection was an absolute contrast to this. Bright pinks, blues, blacks were the colors his collection speak for this spring season. One thing common to both the contrasting styles was the use of flares. Where Donna Karan’s collection was dominated with long and short flared skirts and frocks, Marc Jacobs used flares with leggings. The spring collection 2008 looks both preppy and classy. Whether in use of color or fabric, it is style for all. Soft-netty fabric has been used for most of the collection. As for the colors hint of yellows, greens add life into the otherwise boring off whites. Bare cleavage and off shoulders are back in the fashion circuit and add the glam quotient to this spring collection. This stylish fashion for fall 2008 is all set to bowl hearts out in the fashion circuit.

Men in style

Much has been talked about style for women. Men feel left out; well they have all the reasons to feel so. But style is equally important for both the sects, so then why should they be left out. Here are some great styling tips for men. The first and the most important thing is to dress according to the occasion. If you are going out on a weekend date then you can’t land up in a rockers t-shirt. You immediately would turn off your partner. Instead wear a smart cotton printed shirt or a white shirt and team it up with regular jeans. Nothing can kill the dash of denims and shirts. It suits men of all ages. On a party night go for more retro colors and prints with straight fit pants and jeans. Shirts with pockets all over are an absolute no if you are heavy and bulgy. Go for smart stripes and expose lesser of your chest; it will help in tackling weight issues. When out with friends let yourself loose, relax in khaki pants or regular denims and pair it up with simple sports t-shirts. Cool shirts and t-shirts are available in stores like MTV, Lee, Numero Uno, Color Plus. For more casual look go for brands like Lee, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Metal.. Nothing like well fit jeans from brands like Lee, Levis, Pepe London.
So, if you were left wondering about fashion till now, then go for any of these brands. And you will see that all your questions will be answered in good taste.

New York fashion Week 2008

World waits for the dawn of a new day in the world of fashion. And it can not dawn in a better style than the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the city of lights- New York. A week long festival, from 5th September to 12 September, has designers from all the over the world showcasing their Spring Fall 2008. Mercedezes Benz is the main sponsor of the event and so the name of the show. Divided in various phases the show has already showcased some outstanding collections from the best designers of the World. The show takes place in The Tent, The Promenade and The Salon on Sixth Avenue, 41st Street in the city of New York. All the eyes are on the Grand Finale that will take place on the 12th September. Some of the well known designers and fashion houses showcasing their designs are Lacoste, Gucci, Peter Som, and DKNY and so on. Although entry is not open to public, but there is no reason to dishearten yourself as you can see all the action and glamour on the internet. Nothing can keep you away from the best of the world. This swank show has collections like never before. Speaking of which some of the collections which have already been showcased and appreciated by designers all over are Miss Sixty- a colourful and swanky collection spring dresses. And it has already set in the mood that the upcoming collections will only be better. So, sit up right, the world will see a new dawn of style that will leave its shine for a long long time.

Harem pants

If you are too sure of what you want to wear for your top, then you are equally confused about what you should be wearing for your bottoms. You can’t just get the combination right. Well here is a style tip that will help you to a large extent. This season harem pants are style for your bottoms. This style is broadly for people with no little or no weight issues. But all roads for the heavy do not end here. Harem pants can look equally graceful and stylish on them too. All you need to do is pair them with more fitting kurtas. Wear long metallic hoops to avoid all weight issues. As for the slim, pair your harem pants with body hugging t-shirts and blouses. You could also experiment with slitting your kurtas to a longer length and then wear bling bangles in your hand. You are ready to stun the world. Harem pants look urban cool and give you super comfort. Harem pants are available in different textures and colors. The fabric of harem pants can change the entire look and feel. When you are going to college or more casual places then go for printed harem pants. But for parties and night outs go for opaque colors like blacks, maroons. Jazz them up with golden-silver halters or blouses. Pair them up with flashy chappals and leave for the party. You are now ready to rock this world with your latest style- yes harem pants it is!

The Fashionable glare

It’s a bright sunny day and you walk out of the door. Everything looks energetic and cheerful to you, things look rosy pink. You look around only to realize that hundred other eyes are looking at you. You walk with more flare and glare. Yes glare it is- the style all of us want to flaunt. Flashing glares are the style mantra so much so that people don’t want to take it off even when they are indoors. Big glares are the most in thing of the fashion circuit. When we leave, we might forget our car keys, but not once a glare. Glares increase your glamour quotient more than any other fashion ensemble. One of the most appealing fashion ensembles that has not lost its touch ever since it has landed in to the world. There are numerous brands that offer various styles of goggles. But one style that has been the charm of every face is the ‘aviator’ from Polo. It is the evergreen style in the world of all the boys seeking to be men. Other popular brands in the world of glares are Gucci, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, Calvin Klein and the very recent Fast track. You will find numerous replicas of these brands at a local makers shop. But if you love your eyes and fashion then go for branded glares. They not only suit your purpose, but also add a lot of grace to your personality. Next time when you are heading out, sport your best glare and see how you rule the world.

Sport up your style!

Every day when you leave for work or college, you come across hundred faces on road. Out of those hundred faces the maximum have one style in common- they all are sporting a sporty look. Sports wear is the style of today. Every one loves and adorns it. It is trend that has not only taken over the young but also over the not so young. Sports wear offers trendy colors and super comfortable style. The good part about sports wear is that it hides all the extra fat and gives you the freedom of moving around without worrying too much about the look. Sports wear has moved out of gym to ramps. And the credit goes to all the celebrities endorsing the brands and for glamorizing it into a catchy trend. Availability in all sizes and styles is the major reason for its catching up with all people of all the ages. What’s more these brands offer unisex style making it only more wanted. Sports wear is available in cool, trendy colors as well as fiery reds. You can wear it to office or even to beach parties. You can never go wrong with sports wear, all you need to do is to wear it without too much of mixing and matching and you are ready for every occasion and place. Good sportswear is available in brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Lacoste and Wills Lifestyle. Sports wear is fashion with trend and immense comfort. After all what is style with out comfort? So go sport your style.