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Fashion Haute Hats

Haute HatsHaute hats, bling bangles, broad belts, colored hoops, flashy chappals, tic-tac clips, plastic bangles. This list will extend a little over the next page, but the eyes that will watch you adorning any of these will not extend beyond you . A little bit of this and a little bit of that wont do anymore. Yes, times have changed and so has the fashion. Today’s fashion is big and bold. Wear smart jeans with a casual tee or shirt and just team it up with bold accessories. A casual beach wear can look glitzy and chic with red coral necklace or a short denim skirt with white halter can make you look stunning with multi-colored hoops and haute hats. These accessories add character to every dress and the results are spell bounding. Like a white body hugging dress can look smashingly stylish with big pendant necklace. There is one style for everyone, you just have to pick up your haute. Fashion guru see this year as the year of accessories. So, blindly go for bigger and bolder accessories. Just be a little careful in which dress are you pairing your accessory with. The best part about these stylish accessories is that they are available in every market and across brands. Brands like Just Phat, Mango, HBB, Planet M, etc have these accessories available in shapes and sizes. Easy on pockets, strong on fashion front, these ensembles are fashion mantras of today. So go for it without wasting blink of a second.

[Photograph: $1 million hat designed by Milliner Serena Lindeman in preparation for the Spring Racing Carnival. more ]

Fashion Nudity

Vanity Fair Nude PhotoWhat makes a woman look attractive? Your mind without wasting any time will fly in hundred different directions. Answers could be very interesting only if we could read minds. Nudity makes them look gorgeous, but not in the direction your head is flying to. We are talking about the latest fashion that makes every woman look prettier than ever before. It is the fashion of ‘nude’ make up. Loads of make up decked up eye lashes, pouting lips with deep colors are out and nude colors are in. Any fashion magazine you pick up or any page 3 party you attend, you will find the gorgeous women in nude colors. Nude is the fashion of today. Soft, earthy tones, pastel hues are the spectrum of this latest fashion. All the designers too feel the same, who initiated the move from dark tones to more grounded hues. They say it brings out the best of a woman. Woman in thirty or a sweet sixteen, everyone looks absolutely stunning in these colors. Spring fall 2006 set the trend and moods of this fashion and created a new rage in this industry. A brush of nude eye shadow and blush of it on cheeks can turn you from a simple uptown girl to a fashion diva. Some of the Divas who have been adorning this fashion ever since are Beyonce, Sushmita Sen, etc. If you want to be diva too, there are various brands that have all kinds of nude colors available in all the forms. So, pick up your color and turn into a Diva with a stroke of it.

Boot up your fashion statement!


Cow boy look, Latin attires, bold checks. If your style is rugged and crude then boots are your perfect ensemble. Juts team them up with anything and everything. And you are ready to make a statement that will be loud and clear to all. A must have footwear to put your fashion feet forward. Boots are footwear that looks stylish with anything you team it up with. A simple straight cut jean with short shirt looks amazingly stylish with knee- high boots. Boots are closely stitched which gives it a better shape and grip. There are various types and styles of boots available in the market. Chukka boots, Doc Martens and Ugg boots are some of the brands that manufacture this footwear. Hip boots, Knee boots, Cow boy boots, Go-go boots are some of the styles that footwear is made in. All you need to do is, choose your style, buy one rocking pair and then walk down the road of fashion. And there are great chances that people would notice your foot more than any other part of you body. It is a unisex fashion that makes your steps very confident. If you take a closer look on the fashion shows, then you will realize that why has this footwear become a big fashion statement. A simple reason is every cut, fall, style gets a new meaning with this fashion accessory. But this flawless feel of ultimate fashion statement will only come when you wear one and walk out of the door. The eyes will chase you till you put these inside the closet.

Sequins Fashion – Spring 2007 Runway


Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Matthew Williamson - RunwayMarriage, party, style, models, ramps, fashion shows. You see thousands of people in all these places, you remember some; some even miss out to catch a glimpse, and the rest you forget. But the ones you remember are special, unique in their own way. One of them would be definitely wearing sequins. Yes, sequins the very fashion of today. Sequins can make you dazzlingly different from others who now don’t stand a chance. Today’s fashion speaks language of shine and shimmer. How many have times have you come across the blinding glitter that leaves you dazed? The answer may well cross hundred by count. Sequencing originated from the Middle East where real coins were used to shimmer to clothes. It made the fabric shine and stand out. Today other metal pieces have replaced the coins, but the purpose still remains the same.
Every designer showroom or boutique you come across has a rich fabric endowed with sequins displayed on the mannequins. It attracts attention immediately and puts life into which ever fabric it is used on. Sequins are a safe escape if you are preparing for a big ceremony or wedding as it far from any fashion disaster. A simple kurti or tube top suddenly looks like a designer wear if there is even a single strand of sequins on it. Golden and silver are the colours sequins are primarily used in. But metal is not far behind. So, whatever you are wearing for a party, even a hint of sequins in your tops or bottoms will make you a sure head turner. With sequins you never have to try hard.
[Photograph: from Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Matthew Williamson – Runway]

Body Tattoo

tattooWhat is one fashion accessory that attracts everyone’s attention? Well the answer is bound to be a body tattoo mark. Yes the very fashion ensemble that most of us know or want to know. Tattoos have over the years turned out to be the most stylish fashion statement. And are the most in-thing of style today. It is a fashion that knows no boundaries. Its history dates back to Neolithic Ages and is said to have originated in Euroasian countries. Every other country has its own style and definition of tattoos. In those days tattoos were made to reflect mood, women made it to lure their partners for sex, and also to symbolize which community the person belonged to. But, today it is used to do only one prime thing- to make a fashion statement.
Today this body art has generated new jobs for so many people. Making tattoos has become a standard profession for many people across the world. There are special body tattoo parlors where artists use all the modern equipment to make tattoo of your choice. Dragon tattoo, Cross tattoo, Star tattoo, Flower tattoo, Fairy tattoo, Skull tatioo, Butterfly tatoo, Tribal tatioo, Zodiac tattoo are some of the most basic tattoo designs. So, choice is yours whether you want to sport your beloved’s name on your body like David Beckham whose tattoo is the most talked about thing about him after his banana cut or you want a more fusion look like Mel C of Spice girls band. With this fashion statement you already are in the list of the so called stylish. So, do you want to the club?

Fashion Flairs

Flaired skirts and frocks

Pretty woman walking down the street pretty woman the kind I like to meet. Whether it was Julia Roberts walking down the street flaring white overalls, or Marlyn Monroe’s famous flair act on screen, both made men drool over the silver screen. That is the magic of flairs. Frocks and skirts with flair can never be out of fashion. Not only do they look elegant, but grab all the attention towards the girl wearing it. It is a fashion for all. And if you want to prep it up more, team it with a matching hat, and belles to go along. Nobody will be able to take away the attention for you. Whether you show up at a polo match or a quite holiday near the lake, or on prom night, it is a perfect attire for all the occasions. It is said every men’s secret desire to see his woman in flairs.

Flairs hide all the fat and gab making you look slim and svelte. These fashion ensembles are available in various collections of Lacoste. Last year this collection was sold under this brand by the name of ‘preppy’ collection. This is the fashion that has been a part of every fall. And local markets are the best places to buy such dresses. A busy lane in London is a perfect place to buy this fashion ensemble. Go for a floral frill if you are hitting the beach or a white frill for a romantic evening. And see the results for yourself.

Fashion shows, literally!

Fashion shows

Fashion is the most fashionable word these days. And one thing that brought this once and while used word a fashion is the various shows and weeks namely the fashion shows and fashion weeks. These shows are the main platform of fashion. Today there is at least one country, city or town celebrating a fashion show or a week. It is these shows that have made style more accessible to people. And also has narrowed down the gap between East and the West. These days more and more designers from all over the world are showcasing their collections in fashion shows. This has not onlyincreased the cross cultural interaction, but has also infused new energy into the fashion world. The most sidelined people in the business now have a say in the fashion history.

Internationally fashion designers have recognized themselves with various councils.
India, however had not found its individual face till Lakme Fashion Show came in to being. That is how Indian fashion got its face. It happened in year 2000 when Indian designers got the right platform to showcase their rich textile heritage to the world. Post this, every year Lakme Fashion Week attracts all the attention not only of the fashion lovers, but of the entire media fraternity. Since its inception, Lakme Fashion Week has been a dream not only for designers but also for hairstylist, stylists, photographers, apparel designers, model, etc.

So, if you want to know more of fashion or style, fashion shows are events you need to turn your face to.

The Black Magic

Black Dress

If you are getting late for a party, and you are stuck with what to wear, then without having second thoughts stretch your hand towards a black dress in your wardrobe. Black is color of all seasons and all times. Fat or thin black hides it all. Black was once remarked as color of condolence, but today it is known as color of elegance. When a woman walk downs the street in black, she knows that she is attracting all the eyes towards her . Black- the color that infuses style in anything or everything, whether it is a black dress, a coat, or a black boot, or a black belt around your waist. Black works as magic in whichever form it is. Fashion labels like Armani, Ritu Wears, Suneet Verma have entire collections dedicated to it. On a romantic evening, a black gown with black smoky eyes are a woman’s perfect ensemble. Your beloved will not be able to take eyes off you. Similarly, classicism vibes with black draped around one’s body. More and more celebrities are seen around wearing the magical color. Fashion gurus call it the magic of black. And also rate this color highest on their styling charts. Good, bad or ugly, black makes everyone look the best.Black is the new color of inspiration, so much so that every designer has a different collection dedicated to this magical color. This magical color leaves a lasting impression on anyone and everyone. So is the magic of black.

Fashion up the eyes!

Eye Makeup

What is the biggest turn on for a man in a woman? The most likely answer you will get is eyes. So, ladies now we know which part demands special care and make-up. Get up and put the act of right make-up in first gear. And let your man get lost in those lovely eyes.

Before you get into the make-up business, take a close look at the kind of eyes you have. And then of course head right to market to buy the right stuff for eyes. First thing that needs to be kept in mind is the time of the day you are applying make up for. Simple reason you can’t put dark make-up during day, it will only turn out to be a disaster.
Go for nude colors during day time and for slightly darker make-up for night. Leading brands like Revlon, Maybeline, Avon, Lakme, and Chambor offer wide range of products for different kinds of make up. Nude colours and shimmer are the make up of this season.

We start off with applying the base tone matching skin tone. Then apply a silver or bronze eye shadow or shimmer towards the end of brows to make eyes look bigger. Then apply an eye shadow matching the occasion or the outfit. After the base is ready, pat it with tissue to dust off extra powder. And lastly put mascara or kajal to give eyes a smoky effect.

Now you are all set to hold your man with what he thinks is the most intriguing part of you!

Fashion- more than a seven lettered word!

Fashion Clothing

Fashion, a word that features after some 500 words in the dictionary, but is the first thing on everyone’s mind and body. Fashion, speaks different languages, sees different faces, dawns different bodies and changes quicker than the leaves on a tree. It is one word that evokes infinite images in one’s mind.
We all are addicted to it in one or the other way. So much so that we define each era by its fashion trends. Whether it is the stylish bell bottoms of the 70s or the teasing polka dots of 80s, or khakis of the 90s or stylized fashion accessories of the new century. We all are fashion conscious in our own ways and make our own fashion statements every changing day. Today the fashion scenario has evolved to the extent that there are hundreds of industries thriving on making us look beautiful. Fashion is a serious business today, so much so that every year there are worldwide shows and contests to display skills of people with developed tastes for fashion. We all are fashion conscious and are born with an aesthetic sense. We display these skills even when we are buying small things for our wardrobe. Whether it is the latest glares we flash or a slim chappal we are wearing to a beach or a handbag we carry to office. Everything is bought keeping in mind the changing trends.

It is said change is the only permanent thing in life. And life changes every minute, so does a seven lettered word called Fashion!